Hi! This is LY, the writer of this website. (Also the editor of websitebuilder365.com if you happen to come across that website!)

I’m sure you are one of those trying to level up your game online. The fact that you are reading this short intro says everything!

Probably like the majority of you, I am no coder. I do not have a background in coding, I did not study computer science, I am not a web developer. Rather, I specialize in creating content, ended up on this side of the internet industry, researching and building websites using different available tools for the past three years.

Building a website sure takes time, and most time we don’t really have the bandwidth to invest hours (or even days if you need to do research!) into it. We just got so much on our plate! I do spend hours just researching, building, and fine-tuning different website content and design. And that’s why I’ve created this Free Landing Page website, hoping to help you shorten the time needed and smoothen your process when creating your landing page and your website.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!